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Date archives May 2014


Living Life Through Morality Shortens Your Mortality


By Paul Nijar

You – “But I want to do what I want to do!”

Family – “No! What will the neighbors think?!”

You see that?! See what happened just there? That was an example of everything you want to do, but you can’t because someone’s telling you “no.” We have many desires and dreams in our lives, but a lot of them go unmet and it’s not because we don’t think we can do it. It’s because we are so concerned of what others will say. Continue reading

Yoga Do

Find Your Present Moment in Yoga Do

Just as in Yoga Do or traditional yoga, breathing through each movement to find peace, strength and balance will give us the grace we need for our life encounters. Connecting with your breath will allow you to divert your attention from the discomfort you may be feeling. Breathe! Find your breath. A simple lesson that can be applied throughout your day today.

– Yoga Do



meditation / spirituality

Who Would Have Thought That the Saying, It Is Mind Over Matter; If You Do Not Mind, Then It Does Not Matter, Teaches Us How to Find Enlightenment!


By Paul Nijar

“Ok! Ok! So I started meditating and I think I’m feeling a bit more at peace, but like is there something more?”

Finding peace in meditation is just a touch of what can be achieved.  Meditating isn’t merely about talking about being Zen-like while drinking herbal teas with your vegan cupcakes.  The peaceful attainment is the first step into finding true depth into your spiritual being.  There is more to you than being a peaceful physical body! Continue reading

Spiritual Insight / spirituality

An eye for an eye…

There are many times in our lives where we may encounter people that seem to be at our throats.  What the heck?! right?! Doesn’t make much sense why they would do that to us.  The emotions that they stir up within us are very undesirable.

How does one overcome the anger they feel towards an individual that brought them pain?  Continue reading