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Date archives June 2014


I’m Not the Problem! You’re the Problem! Stubborness


By Paul Nijar

The tension builds on upon every breath.  You stand there upright, ready for imminent impact.  Nothing’s going to get through you.  Your determination has reached all new heights.  There’s no turning back now.  This is a battle you cannot lose.  This is a battle where your white flag stays secured in your back pocket.  You are so focused that you allow for no distractions because you have your plan and you’re committed to sticking with it.  The barrier you created in front of you is impenetrable.  As you observe your opponent, their frustration builds and you can see it clearly; to you this is a sign of victory.  You can feel your opponent’s positioning weakening.  Success looms around the corner and you shall rise as victor.  Continue reading


Whats Love Got to Do With It?! or


By Paul Nijar

The greatest treasure of all is beyond any numerical value and can never run out. Well duh! It’s already obvious what it is from the title.

Love is such a powerful force that everyone has been exposed to. The power of love leaves no person untouched, no matter where they are in the world. Despite being so deeply marinated in love, many people are still in the dark about its meaning. Continue reading

Spiritual Insight

You are a product of what you see

The era we live in right now is so media focused.  The impact media has on us and our children has become a debatable topic.  As much as we debate this topic we can see the influence it has on us through all our actions and thoughts.  Everything from the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the type of people we collect in our so circle is influenced by media. Continue reading

Spiritual Insight

The moments in life that matter

There is around 7 billion people on the planet.  Within all the people here in carnation, there are many different opportunities to socialize and interact with one another.  These moments are often enjoyable and bring much excitement to our lives.  It is such an enhancing opportunity to meet people that are beyond our norm.  These people will bring one out of the bubble they may be living in and take on a new understanding of life.  Despite these great people that influence, shape and entertain us, many of our social encounters take away from the real moments in life. Continue reading