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Love Consciousness


By Paul Nijar

Relationships bring such great opportunities in our lives. There is so much to gain from being in an intimate relationship with someone special. There are different reasons for entering into a relationship for many people. Some people come into it for companionship, others seek to fulfill a physical expectation (you know what I mean. Hint Hint Wink Wink!), some do it to validate a sense of love for themselves. Whatever the reason an individual may have, they all benefit through one great blessing that is shared universally! Continue reading

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Your Guidebook to All Your Struggles

Man! let me tell you, I went through many struggles through my years growing up and evolving into the “man” (or man-child) I am today.  It took a lot of pushing through and just enduring the obstacles I was facing.  Back when I was 16 years old a friend of the family gave me a journal for my birthday.  I was like, “What the heck?! A journal??”  A journal is not typically at the top of a gift list for a 16 year old boy.  The person who had given it to me was very spiritual inclined, she told me that it was going to help me through my hard times.

Initially I started writing as if dictating the days events.  I wrote on and off like this for years.  I remember reading back in the passages and found so much negativity.  My outlook and impression of the experiences I was going through was making things that much more harder.  I remember complaining about different issues and struggles and not really having any answers or method out of them.  Many of the struggles kept repeating as if trying to beat me to a pulp.

I came to realize that something needed to change.  The problem wasn’t the issues I was facing, rather it was my perception and even my method of action toward those struggles.  I started writing differently in my book now.  Rather than a “dear diary,” I  started writing as if I was being my own councillor.  As my pages became filled I started to realize that I was some how tapping into my higher consciousness, because there was no way my current state of mind was able to provide me insights as I was seeing appear on my pages.

Eventually I had found many different tools and insights as to how to overcome the issues I was facing.  I started to realize that these insights may benefit others as well and since it’s not coming from me, that it should not be reserved for just me.  So I decided to make all those self-help tools into a book called, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”

We all have testing times in our lives, how we navigate through them is up to us.  My book “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be” isn’t really my book, rather it’s a book for everyone.

You can get a taste for this book on my author website.  You will be able to read a chapter as well and if you become interested in reading further, you may also purchase it there.

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How to Turn Back the Hands of Time


By Paul Nijar

There’s a fear that is within us that many of us cannot deny. As much as we try to deny our many fears, there’s one that is truly unavoidable. As you sit and try to figure it out, this fear creeps up on you every second, getting closer and closer. Okay, I’ll tell you, I know you don’t have much time to waste. The fear is time itself! As time slowly ticks away, it brings us to great levels of unease. The fear we understand from time is that, as it progresses things will come and go in our lives. Continue reading

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Are We Alone Here?

By Paul Nijar

The debate over the existence of extra-terrestrial life has been going on for years. Many people are willing to accept that considering the vastness of our solar system and beyond that the probability of other life forms is highly likely. But the thing that many people will still argue is the idea that we have been visited or even yet, that we are secretly sharing this planet with other beings. Continue reading

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Collective Consciousness is Becoming an Undeniable Force

By Paul Nijar

A global shift is occurring right now and many of us are still in the dark about it. Regardless of our awareness of this big change, it is happening at an increasingly rate. For far too long we have been suppressed, repressed and held back. For those people that have become aware, their vibration is so abundant that it is awakening others to this truth of our realities. Continue reading