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Date archives September 2014

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What’s the Ego?!

The following is taken from a portion of my book, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”  This topic was surrounding the thoughts I was having of myself.  As I wrote in my journal for council, I was finding where these false impressions of myself were coming from.

My journal played the role of councillor for many of my entries.  Rather bending someone else’s ear for help, I wanted to really dig deep to find myself and connect with my spiritual truth.  Here, I was identifying the ego as the source for many of my downgrading thoughts toward myself.  Rather than allowing myself to believe they were true, I was learning that they did not reflect who and what I truly am, as spiritual being.

“The feelings of inadequacy, depression and frustration toward oneself are illusions brought up by the ego.  The ego gains momentum when you give these feelings energy.  Typically they arise from not accepting oneself as they are.  One must see beyond the sight the ego provides for them and understand their divine truth beyond those illusions.”



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Yoga Do

Preview to Basic Yoga Do Class

Here’s a quick look at one of my students practising the Basic Level Yoga Do class in one of my one-on-one sessions.  This was taken from one of my one on one sessions that I was doing during the summer.  The student is in her 60’s and has a lot of physical limitations.  Despite her physical challenges she was able to participate in the full class.

She found a greater sense of peace beyond her ailments when practicing Yoga Do.  She would often tell me how her pace of thoughts have also slowed down upon completing each class which would send a ripple effect throughout the course of her day.


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World Wide Exclusive!

Introducing My Debut Book Trailer!

“Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.” is a self-help, spirituality, meditation and spiritual awakening book.  Yes all of the above and more!

The book was a long time coming for me!  The years of writing were in addition to the years of struggling I had to endure that lead to this book.  The writing details the struggles I was going through in my life.  We all have questions in our lives, how we discover our answers is unique to our journey.  I looked toward my journal for insight. Rather than writing a “dear diary” I wrote to myself as if having a conversation with someone else.  As my writing took flight, I found much of the answers to those questions, were coming from somewhere beyond my own consciousness.

The book shares my journey through my spiritual awakening.  The insights that appeared on those pages are now being shared to those who also seek answers through their struggles.

We are all on separate journeys to the same destination.



“Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be”

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Speaking Telepathically to Prevent a Loss in Translation


By Paul Nijar

There are so many different cultures on this planet. With all these cultures comes a huge variety of different languages we use to communicate with each other. Even in areas where a common language is spoken there are still different dialects that people use that may distinguish some areas from others. Despite all the different languages and dialects that we use to communicate, they are all not the focal point of our receptivity of the information being delivered. Continue reading