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Spiritual Insights on Your Everyday Troubles

Date archives February 2015


Social Media: Beyond the Selfie

Social Media Mastery Conference 2015 in review!

We all hold some fashion of ambition in our lives toward a greater “you!”  As we sit and reflect on a life for our ideal self, we conjure up a fantastic vision where we see ourselves celebrating a life we can only dream of.  At the peak of our thoughts, we get consumed by a wave of excitement toward living the life we are so passionate about!  Our emotions run a mock as they ride passenger to our imaginations!

“Pull over! Let me drive!” Continue reading


If Only We Loved As Much As We Judged

By Paul Nijar

“Hey weirdo!  It’s butter side down, not butter side up!”  (Dr. Seuss reference)

There are billions of people of that live on this planet and everyone lives their lives their own way.  We differ with such great variety that it becomes very difficult to relate to or understand another person’s way of living.

“OMG!  I saw these people the other day and they eat using their bare hands!  No utensils!  So barbaric!” Continue reading


What All Your Actions & Inactions Lead to


By Paul Nijar

Do you ever wonder where your thoughts go, or what comes of all our actions? Everything we do or do not do all leads to some place. Every action and inaction is pooled into an energy to form another. What could the product of everything be? Well it’s love of course. Duh!! Everything leads to love.

“How does that even make sense? When I hate someone, it can’t lead to love!” Continue reading