Paul Nijar

Spiritual Insights on Your Everyday Troubles

Date archives March 2015

love / relationship

Fighting for Love

Have you ever took a stroll in the park with your partner and see another couple doing the same thing? The weirdest thing starts after you notice them frolicking around; it turns into a competition. It becomes a competition to see who can out-love the other couple. In an instant, a romantic stroll becomes a no holds barred love-expression event!

“Hey look how he kissed her! Quick grab my butt and kiss me harder!” Continue reading


Defining Self-Love & What it Brings

“I love me. I love me not. I love me. I love me not.”

So which one is it? To love or not to love? Many people will think or even proclaim that they are the embodiment of self-love. But are they really? Most people love themselves out of vanity or in comparison to someone they feel is inferior. This is all ego-driven identification of love; it is not self-love.

“Anything you can do, I can do better!” Continue reading