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Date archives April 2015


I Know You Are But What Am I?!

We often look at our lives in reflection and think of what we would like to do. Many of us think of it as being a fantasy or something we will play off until our next life in another incarnation. It seems everything we ever wished we could be or have must be forfeited for the struggles and doubts that we go through today.

“I want to be wealthy, healthy & free! I can’t wait until my next life to have it!” Continue reading

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Death is An Illusion

Death is a very hard topic for us to deal with. With the lingering emotions that plague us, it becomes difficult to move on. This is especially challenging when the person who had passed is very young. They died at such a young age, with so much more life ahead of them. We often wonder why their lives could have been taken so abruptly, when they were just starting to make moves in career or on different projects.

“It’s not fair. Their life was just starting.”

When we think of death, we think of the end. In truth, there is no end. Death only represents the end of one thing, but it’s the start of another. Everything in this world is temporary. This includes the seasons, the people, the clothes, your jobs, and material objects. All these things have a lifespan. The soul on the other hand is eternal and exists beyond time.

“When a person dies, what happens to their soul?” Continue reading


Does Running Away From Problems Count As Exercise?

We all have different issues that we have to face in our lives. The circumstances that we go through provide many different challenges and struggles that we must deal with along the journey. We all have different methods in dealing with those struggles. A lot of people tend to avoid their struggles all together. They will rather run away from them than have to deal with them face-to-face.  Quit running away from your problems like you’re in a 100 meter dash!

Running away from any problem only increases distance from the solution.  The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it. Continue reading


To Forgive and to Forget?

We often associate forgiveness with forgiving other people for the pains they have created us. There is great merit to be able to leave the past in the past and move forward in your life. When we consider patching up old wounds in relationships, we may release the animosity we had carried for so long. This helps us to move forward with less baggage. Forgiveness isn’t limited to forgiving someone else for the pain they shared with us, it is also about forgiving yourself.

 “Me?! It was all their fault! They’re the one who should be crawling back to me!” Continue reading


A Solution to all Your Money Problems

A reality Check that is about to get bounced!”

“If there’s a will, I want to be in it.”

Money stands at the forefront of all our goals. For years we have debated whether or not money can bring happiness. There have been many arguments on this subject and in the end it seems that most people lean toward money. The media plays a significant role in influencing our thoughts, as we see images depicting people living so lavishly with lots of money. This is the first time in history where people have become famous simply for being rich!

For most people, when money talks, it keeps saying goodbye. Continue reading