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Date archives July 2015

genuine souls

Genuine Souls: The Real Transformers – Dan Grant

We are all so rich in many ways and yet many of us fail to realize it. The treasure which surrounds us in every given moment of our days goes unnoticed. In this blind state of living we continue seeking more. The more we look, the further we take ourselves from the wealth that awaits us.

Wealth is not defined by the amount of money we have in our possession, rather it can be anything that is in our lives that contributes to a greater sense of well-being. The ability to laugh and share moments of intense joy with someone is among the many priceless moments life has to offer. These series of blogs are dedicated to bringing awareness to those people in my life that bring with them a sense of quality that I cannot deny. This Genuine Souls blog is dedicated to a man that can transform a smile on even the most rigid of faces. Without further ado, I present to you Dan Grant. Continue reading

LIFE / paulosophy

How I Handle My Critics

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

In life we feel that there are people who are for us and others that are against us. We’ve all had our share of haters. It’s so easy to succumb to the pains their words create, but the challenge and all the glory lies in seeing the beauty in disguise. Continue reading

law of attraction

How to Become the Person of Your Dreams

We all have a great potential to be and do whatever we want in life. Endless opportunity awaits you.

I tried to realise my infinite potential for many years.  We often hear how we can do and be anything we want. As I looked around at other people living their lives with great conviction, I felt that I was missing something. I couldn’t figure out what my problem was. I always felt blocked or challenged.

“How do I find my infinite potential?!” Continue reading


What’s Way Worse Than Wasting Money?

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin

We often hear entrepreneurs suggesting that they want to maximize their profits by squeezing a dollar out of every minute. When I think of time, I don’t think in terms of money, I think in terms of what did I get done? Was I able to get the most out of my day? Or did I waste my day doing things that don’t matter?

“Be selective with who you invest your time, wasted time is worse than wasted money.” Continue reading

law of attraction

How to Manifest What You Want

We all seek to have something more in our lives. As we look, pray and wish for such things to manifest in our lives we become eager to find ways to fast track the delivery of our requests. For those of us that are religious we will look toward our different Gods to fulfill our request. Many of us have even been known to lean on Santa Clause, or even to visit Sacred Sites to amplify our call for action.

“Who needs the tooth fairy, when you got Aladdin’s lamp!?” Continue reading