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Silence Speaks When Words Can’t

Agghh! What is it with this noise!?  All I hear is jack-hammering all around me!  How does one expect to find peace in their meditation practice with all this commotion?!

This is a common complaint I hear as people try to implement the meditation practice into their lives.  When we seek peace, we expect silence to come with it.  As the world has become so busy and full of activity, it becomes difficult to find that silence we desire in our meditation practice. Continue reading

genuine souls

Genuine Souls: The Art of Selflessness – David Dyer

Every day that we live is a new day to see things as we may have not seen them before. This is a blessed opportunity to realize that everything that we desire to change in our lives, does change. Many of us fail to realize these changes and miss out on the blessings. As a result, we succumb to the feelings of despair and belief that there is no way out of our current situation.

This process of thought only leads to a mantra of complaining. As our perceptions of our undesirable circumstances start to take over our lives, we end up missing the boat of change. When we change our process of thought from counting the troubles to realizing our blessings, we realize all is possible. Continue reading


These Are the Signs For Inevitable Success

When considering making a big move in your life, how do you know when it’s the right time?

We all have great ambitions for the future. Whether we are asleep or awake, ideas seem to keep on rolling in. For those of us who believe we lack the creativity to come up with grand designs for our future, it comes from a denial of our own abilities. In such a case, we find ourselves plagued with fear; thinking that the idea is not going to make it or there’s more work than we are willing to commit to. Continue reading

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Why is Patience A Virtue??

When I want something I wanted it 10 minutes ago!

Why do I have to wait for everything that I want?! What’s the deal with waiting for everything? We’ve heard many times over and over again, how patience is a virtue, but how does one cope when they want something right here right now!?

Why is patience a virtue?! Why can’t “Hurry the F&#K Up!” be a virtue?! Continue reading