Paul Nijar

Spiritual Insights on Your Everyday Troubles


about paul nijar

The services I provide offer spiritual insights towards rediscovering your truth. My books, my uniquely designed Yoga Do & Kali Do Yoga classes, my videos and my Satori Gem Boutique designs all aim to awaken something within. Through this awakening we come to realize that no one needs to live in fear, no one needs to feel inadequate, happiness, success and love are not reserved for a select few, but can be enjoyed by all.

The path that I walk on has been a long time coming. I went through many bumpy paths before being able to navigate my way through the rough terrain to find this one paved in bliss before me now. The obstacles, challenges and setbacks are things in life that we all must go through. In finding out a way to the end, we must first realize that all those things are just ‘things’ and they should not have the power to bare us down in any way.

This website with all its services is dedicated to helping others find their way, in any definition of its meaning, which resonates with them. Through my books, blogs, videos, yoga and my jewelry designs, I seek to ignite awareness to everyone open to it. My mission is to help and guide others through emotions, which may make them negate their true being. I seek to bring change to the World, but as this is a difficult task for just one person, I plan to awaken many so we can create change together.

If you find yourself reading this, it is because the timing and placement of your life’s journey has allowed for it. As our paths meet, understand it’s for good reasons and your life is in divine order.