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What’s the Ego?!

The following is taken from a portion of my book, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”  This topic was surrounding the thoughts I was having of myself.  As I wrote in my journal for council, I was finding where these false impressions of myself were coming from.

My journal played the role of councillor for many of my entries.  Rather bending someone else’s ear for help, I wanted to really dig deep to find myself and connect with my spiritual truth.  Here, I was identifying the ego as the source for many of my downgrading thoughts toward myself.  Rather than allowing myself to believe they were true, I was learning that they did not reflect who and what I truly am, as spiritual being.

“The feelings of inadequacy, depression and frustration toward oneself are illusions brought up by the ego.  The ego gains momentum when you give these feelings energy.  Typically they arise from not accepting oneself as they are.  One must see beyond the sight the ego provides for them and understand their divine truth beyond those illusions.”



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World Wide Exclusive!

Introducing My Debut Book Trailer!

“Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.” is a self-help, spirituality, meditation and spiritual awakening book.  Yes all of the above and more!

The book was a long time coming for me!  The years of writing were in addition to the years of struggling I had to endure that lead to this book.  The writing details the struggles I was going through in my life.  We all have questions in our lives, how we discover our answers is unique to our journey.  I looked toward my journal for insight. Rather than writing a “dear diary” I wrote to myself as if having a conversation with someone else.  As my writing took flight, I found much of the answers to those questions, were coming from somewhere beyond my own consciousness.

The book shares my journey through my spiritual awakening.  The insights that appeared on those pages are now being shared to those who also seek answers through their struggles.

We are all on separate journeys to the same destination.



“Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be”

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What Time Will Success Be Here?

We all have some sort of dream that we live for throughout our lives.  These ideas of grandeur are what make us see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  There comes a time in our lives where we have to put in a little more elbow grease into our activities to ensure we are giving 100% of ourselves toward those activities.  Sometimes the goal seems so far off in the distance, almost unattainable, just dangling there to bring havoc to our minds.  This only adds to the already existing struggle we have to face. Continue reading

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Your Guidebook to All Your Struggles

Man! let me tell you, I went through many struggles through my years growing up and evolving into the “man” (or man-child) I am today.  It took a lot of pushing through and just enduring the obstacles I was facing.  Back when I was 16 years old a friend of the family gave me a journal for my birthday.  I was like, “What the heck?! A journal??”  A journal is not typically at the top of a gift list for a 16 year old boy.  The person who had given it to me was very spiritual inclined, she told me that it was going to help me through my hard times.

Initially I started writing as if dictating the days events.  I wrote on and off like this for years.  I remember reading back in the passages and found so much negativity.  My outlook and impression of the experiences I was going through was making things that much more harder.  I remember complaining about different issues and struggles and not really having any answers or method out of them.  Many of the struggles kept repeating as if trying to beat me to a pulp.

I came to realize that something needed to change.  The problem wasn’t the issues I was facing, rather it was my perception and even my method of action toward those struggles.  I started writing differently in my book now.  Rather than a “dear diary,” I  started writing as if I was being my own councillor.  As my pages became filled I started to realize that I was some how tapping into my higher consciousness, because there was no way my current state of mind was able to provide me insights as I was seeing appear on my pages.

Eventually I had found many different tools and insights as to how to overcome the issues I was facing.  I started to realize that these insights may benefit others as well and since it’s not coming from me, that it should not be reserved for just me.  So I decided to make all those self-help tools into a book called, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”

We all have testing times in our lives, how we navigate through them is up to us.  My book “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be” isn’t really my book, rather it’s a book for everyone.

You can get a taste for this book on my author website.  You will be able to read a chapter as well and if you become interested in reading further, you may also purchase it there.

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How Do I Make Sense of These Emotions?!

The following in is taken from a chapter in my book, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”  The chapter showcases an open entry discussion I was having in my journal with myself.  The topic was revolving around emotional battles I had been facing at the time.

I had written to myself as if talking to someone else who was unbiased.  The unbiased responses gave me insight as to what I was going through and why.  They also helped me embrace issues I was trying to resist within myself at the time.

“You must understand that these feelings are necessary for the moment only and to see them for what they are.  They are catalysts toward you seeing a different perspective on each situation.  Further understand that everything is a choice and the power to make any choice is in your hands.  Continue reading