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How the Law of Attraction Limits You

By now everyone has heard or is familiar with the law of attraction. When we desire to have something, we have been taught to focus on just that to watch it come into formation. It is true that everything you desire to achieve and have in life will be yours.

“Well what in the heck happened to my red bike with the silver bell?!”

So often we feel that the laws of attraction are breaking their own laws when it comes to delivering the goods we requested. The reason we may feel this way is because we are holding a strong attachment the image of what we want that we fail to take notice to the riches that come our way in other forms. It’s this determined focus that causes us the emotional and energetic detriment. Continue reading

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How to Grab Your Goals by the Horns

By Paul Nijar

January 15 is long behind us now, and by now you should either be patting yourself on your back or whipping it. This day alone is such a character defining day. Who would have thought that a day in our calendar would tell so much about an individual. Yes! I speak of this day as this is the day most people fall off the New Year’s resolution wagon.

“Hey! I didn’t fall off the wagon! I just got busy. I can get back on if I want, but I just don’t want to!” Continue reading