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Happy New Year's

Happy New Year’s So Cliche

Happy new year’s….we all start this year with these kind wishes. We do it every year like clock work. So every 365 days we say it again.

This focus will keep us living our lives in an endless cycle.  How can we break free?

Focus on the number of days of the year rather than the year 2015 or whatever. Many of us have heard it takes 21 days to adapt a habit. It takes 41 days to believe in the habit and to break free of old ones.

what does 365 days bring?…mastery.  it takes 365 days to master a habit.

So to end the endless cycle we all go through every year, try reflecting on something you seek to master and then you have something new to celebrate at the start of the new year.

In the new year you are at zero again, an open opportunity to master something else!