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How to Overcome Bedroom Shyness

“My wife has been playing hiding and go seek with her body for over a year.  Sounds fun right?! Not!!  I’ve yet to find her body!”

This game of hide and go seek is a game that many couples are failing to win at.  It becomes an on-going game that leads to a sexless marriage.  Despite having been with their partner for years, this does nothing to solve the shyness of being naked in front of each other.  Instead, they will tip-toe around each other trying to conceal themselves from prying eyes. Continue reading

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How to Defeat Your Unfaithful Desires

“How do I stop thinking about other girls when I’m in a relationship?”

This is a question I’ve been asked many times. A great number of people have lost the potential of having lasting relationships due to their infidelities or their desire to be with other people. As they come in and out of different relationships, they wonder if they are stuck in a never-ending cycle of relationships that just don’t work. So what’s the diagnosis?

Sounds like you’ve got a case of “wondering eyes syndrome.” Continue reading

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Fighting for Love

Have you ever took a stroll in the park with your partner and see another couple doing the same thing? The weirdest thing starts after you notice them frolicking around; it turns into a competition. It becomes a competition to see who can out-love the other couple. In an instant, a romantic stroll becomes a no holds barred love-expression event!

“Hey look how he kissed her! Quick grab my butt and kiss me harder!” Continue reading


Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out!


By Paul Nijar

Relationships are hot topics. They are even big business, that’s why there are so many dating sites out there. Everyone wants to find a partner that they can share their experiences with. In finding the person, we have different methods to woo that individual. We rehearse pick-up lines and play out different scenarios in our head to get the conversation going. I like, “Do I know you, cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend,” it works every time! Continue reading