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Happy Mother’s Day! Spiritual Insight Edition

Mother’s Day is something that has been a long tradition amongst different people worldwide. For many years people have given tribute to their mothers through different methods. Most commonly, people have offered flowers or a Sunday breakfast served to her while she still lays in bed. These are such beautiful reflections for someone who has lived their lives through unconditional love and relentless devotions to their children. But as the day comes and goes, many of us once again become so wrapped up in our mundane obligations, only to reserve such acts of admirations again for the following year or their birthday. The attention and connection tends to become diluted among other things we give priority towards. After such a great devotion and sacrifice our mothers haves showered us with, one must contemplate that perhaps this single day of tribute doesn’t give them the credit or attention they deserve. Continue reading

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A New Beginning For All

There’s much there’s to learn through life. As we collect more an more knowledge we take pride in what we learned and share it with others. The problem with this is that, the more we know, the less we learn.

Our cup becomes full and many of us become attached to our own pattern of thinking. We condition our understanding of life into our mind so much that it become difficult to take on a Different understanding.

Every encounter we have with new information is an opportunity to let go of our past understanding and take on a new one.

In order to continue to grow, to expand and to evolve, we must be able to abandon what we so we can move further in life.

A fresh glass of any liquid is always more attractive.

-Yoga Do


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What’s the Ego?!

The following is taken from a portion of my book, “Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be.”  This topic was surrounding the thoughts I was having of myself.  As I wrote in my journal for council, I was finding where these false impressions of myself were coming from.

My journal played the role of councillor for many of my entries.  Rather bending someone else’s ear for help, I wanted to really dig deep to find myself and connect with my spiritual truth.  Here, I was identifying the ego as the source for many of my downgrading thoughts toward myself.  Rather than allowing myself to believe they were true, I was learning that they did not reflect who and what I truly am, as spiritual being.

“The feelings of inadequacy, depression and frustration toward oneself are illusions brought up by the ego.  The ego gains momentum when you give these feelings energy.  Typically they arise from not accepting oneself as they are.  One must see beyond the sight the ego provides for them and understand their divine truth beyond those illusions.”



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What Time Will Success Be Here?

We all have some sort of dream that we live for throughout our lives.  These ideas of grandeur are what make us see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  There comes a time in our lives where we have to put in a little more elbow grease into our activities to ensure we are giving 100% of ourselves toward those activities.  Sometimes the goal seems so far off in the distance, almost unattainable, just dangling there to bring havoc to our minds.  This only adds to the already existing struggle we have to face. Continue reading