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Preview to Basic Yoga Do Class

Here’s a quick look at one of my students practising the Basic Level Yoga Do class in one of my one-on-one sessions.  This was taken from one of my one on one sessions that I was doing during the summer.  The student is in her 60’s and has a lot of physical limitations.  Despite her physical challenges she was able to participate in the full class.

She found a greater sense of peace beyond her ailments when practicing Yoga Do.  She would often tell me how her pace of thoughts have also slowed down upon completing each class which would send a ripple effect throughout the course of her day.


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Yoga Do

Find Your Present Moment in Yoga Do

Just as in Yoga Do or traditional yoga, breathing through each movement to find peace, strength and balance will give us the grace we need for our life encounters. Connecting with your breath will allow you to divert your attention from the discomfort you may be feeling. Breathe! Find your breath. A simple lesson that can be applied throughout your day today.

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