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Genuine Souls: Who Your Daddy?! – Ricky Shetty

There are people in our lives that inspire us and come to us with such a great riches.  These riches are not defined by a monetary value.  They come to our lives not with anything of material worth, but rather with things that enrich us in a way that bring us a greater sense of well-being.  They empower us to the core.  They provide a positive perspective to our life and our surroundings.

I want to give credit to these people to showcase the blessings that we have.  So often we forget or negate the value these people bring to our lives.  Some of us even have these expectations for people to act in a certain way that benefits us but then we do not give them the credit that they deserve.  As part of my “Genuine Souls” series, I would like to introduce to an inspiring soul named Ricky Shetty.

2015-03-12 18.09.29

Ricky making me laugh as usual!

I have known Ricky for a year now.  Over the past year that I have got to know him, I have found one word that best explains him; generous. Throughout the various projects he is working on, he makes sure to accommodate anyone seeking help.  Although he has a very busy schedule, he never seems to be unavailable for those needing help.  Ricky has also reached out to those people he believes in, without them even asking. It’s his ability to see beyond his own ambitions, that makes him the perfect person to profile as a “Genuine Soul.”

Who is your daddy!?

Ricky is known as the “Daddy Blogger.” His webpage is dedicated to sharing his personal stories of his family from a father’s perspective. The website includes reviews of various family-friendly products and services that anyone can enjoy with their own families. His blogs provide help for expecting or new parents, and to leave a lasting memory for his two small children.

“I’m not shy, I’m enjoying the party in my head.”

ricky speech

From voted most shy, to speaking in front of 200 + people!

Ricky comes from very humble beginnings, starting off as a very shy guy in school, being voted “the most shy” by his classmates. He wanted to stand behind other people so he could hide. Today, Ricky stands in front of large audiences as he hosts his many conferences. Through his refined skill, he showcases a level of confidence and an ability to present himself in a calm manner despite the responsibility he carries with him. Ricky still stands behind people, but now, he does so as he provides support for people he feels has a great message to share.

“He who has a WHY can bear almost any HOW.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

A message that really speaks to my heart about Ricky is his “Why.” His reason for doing everything that he does, after all the stress, after all the planning and long hours, he does it all for his family. Family is a major motivator for Ricky. The love for his family radiates from him. One can definitely feel the love he feels for his family when he is on stage expressing gratitude to his wife and mentioning his two small children.

The family atmosphere he grew up in, is different from the one he wants to provide for his own children. He grew up in a home that wasn’t always as a pleasant as one would expect. Ricky is now dedicated to providing the family life that he felt he was missing in his childhood. This is very evident as one can observe how he plays an active role as a father to his own children. When you see Ricky interacting with his kids, it’s enough to melt your heart. There is no shortage of love or attention that he gives them.

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” – Bruce Lee

ricky family 2

Ricky’s little family. Wife Anne, daughter Rianne and son Ryan

Ricky is a businessman, but he is different from other businessmen because he is not just chasing the dollar. Ricky is there to provide a legacy that he is going to be leaving for his family. When his children grow up, they will see everything that their dad had built and the contribution he had left not only for them, but for anyone else who has been part of his life. His children will be able to appreciate how a young shy boy was able to overcome his own fears to become a successful speaker in front of large audiences. This is truly a great lesson to be leaving his children; that they can overcome any challenge that they may feel stands before anything they seek to achieve.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

Ricky was an obvious selection for my “Genuine Souls” series. I can attribute much of my blogging success to everything he has shared with me; both one on one and while being part of his conferences. Such people should never be denied the credit they deserve! Thank you Ricky for being demonstrating how there are selfless people out there who are not all about themselves. You are a great inspiration to everyone, whether they have a family of their own or not.

You can keep up with Ricky at:

Twitter: @Tokyoricky

He runs the YVR Media Group based in Vancouver, BC. Which includes:

  1. YVR Bloggers
  2. YVR Foodies
  3. YVR Dads

Ricky holds various conferences that help people become professionals of internet marketing. His Social Media Mastery (#SMMastery), Blog Mastery (#BlogMastery) and Internet Marketing Mastery (#IMMastery) events are huge successes.

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