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How to Have A Psychedelic Trip Without Drugs!

There is a great shift of consciousness that is occurring throughout the world right now. Many people may not know where it is coming from, but they are in search of something more in their lives. You hear more people talking about meditation, chakras, the law of attraction and oneness.

“I want to be One more than anyone!”

The competitive nature of the human mind has turned the spiritual journey into a race to the finish. For this reason, many people are using external methods to streamline their awakening. The use of psychedelic drugs have been used for thousands of years to open doors to our divine origin.

So which do you choose; the red pill or the blue pill?

The human condition makes us seek out quick ways to accomplish many of our ambitions. We seek a pill to sleep better, to destress, to lose weight, and a pill to “rise to the occasion” (wink, wink!). So we have ourselves set for anything we seek to fast-track in our lives. But not everyone is open to using such substances through their spiritual journey. There’s a gentler way to experience a cosmic euphoria.

“Quick! Tell me cuz I have yet to attain omnipresent super-galactic oneness!”


The light penetrates the retina and decalcifies the pineal gland.

There’s this enchanted machine called the Lucia No. 3 Light which takes you on a guided trip without putting anything into your body.  It stimulates your brain wave frequency to such a state that could only otherwise be achieved after years of meditation. The brain shifts to a Theta state and Alpha patterns that are associated with joy, intuition and creativity. Novice meditators can achieve great journeys of light that will have them telling stories of majestic rainbow unicorns that danced with them along the shimmering sky.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The machine uses a light that is placed in front of the eyes, which facilitates a visual experience that is unique to the individual. As the white light passes through the retina and into the pineal gland (your psychic center and the bridge to higher consciousness), it creates a colorful array of images of sacred geometry, and other designs that dance before your eyes.

“Psychic, Madame Cleo, ain’t got nothing on me!”

We all have a psychic ability. With the use of certain foods and environmental pollutants, our pineal gland becomes calcified; which inhibits our ability to see beyond the 5 senses. As the machine’s light shines directly into the pineal gland, it decalcifies it so your senses become heightened.


Reaching deep states of relaxation and sense of well-being.

“Will I be able to see my future clearer through my crystal ball?”

In truth, we don’t need any machine or substance to see what lies beyond our 5 senses, or to see things that the eye cannot perceive. We all have our own methods to experience this divine journey. The reason why we struggle to see through the illusions of our false reality is that our mind is hyper-active. When we are able to slow down the chatter of the mind, we become clear in thought and in consciousness. It is at this time that we restore our psychic powers!

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” – Bil keane

When we are able to attune our attention to the present moment, the cosmic flow of energy flows through us. Just think about how great your projects are when you are absolutely focused on them without being distracted about anything else. That zeroed in ability to stay in the present moment allows you to breed outstanding results.

“My mind won’t shut up! Can’t you hear the voices in my head?!”

Silencing the mind is challenging even for those who have practised meditation for years. One of the greatest attributes of the Lucia No. 3 Light, is that it forces you to stay focused on the present moment. When you have a light shining bright into your face and presenting a crazy array of colors, it’s kinda hard to think of anything else. At this time you become entranced within the power of the moment.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”- Eckhart Tolle

When this machine places you in the present moment, you find a greater sense of self. An important note to mention is that, it’s not a medical replacement, rather it restores a sense of well-being while facilitating the awakening of a higher consciousness.

“I don’t care about tripping out, what else can it do for me?”

Such a cranky pants may benefit from better sleep, enhanced focus and concentration, a relaxed state of mind, reduced stress/anxiety and a buffet of other good stuff! You don’t need to have an interest in spirituality in order to benefit from it. If you feel nothing at all, at the very least you can enjoy the light show that rivals any firework display ever seen! The best EVER!

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