Paul Nijar

Spiritual Insights on Your Everyday Troubles

Paulosophy Books


Through all the many trials we live through in this life’s journey we gain much insights. These insights provide lessons for not only the individual at hand, but others as well. Whether we know the individual or not, we are all able to touch them in a way that will help them overcome the challenges they face. When we come through these obstacles in our lives, we do so with the blessings provided by the Universe.

Everything in existence is governed by our collective consciousness through the Universe. This means that everything is shared. There is no differentiation from each individual because we are all one. What affects one individual specifically, will still affect others across the Universe. Many of us find it difficult to grasp this understanding, and so they hoard their accomplishments and belongings to themselves. This lack of understanding is of the ego itself.

The ego will create a blanketed illusion over our eyes so we do not realize our spiritual truth. It is part of our life’s journey to remove this blanket which shields us from our understanding, so we may return to our collective consciousness. Removing this blanket is as challenging as any other obstacle in our journey here. We all have different methods to overcome these challenges, mine is through meditation and writing. These two methods overlap for me, when I’m writing, I take on a meditative state. Through this state I am able to channel the Universe for guidance.

With the understanding that everything is shared and there is no ownership of “things” I seek to share the knowledge I obtain from the Universe. My blogs, books and videos and Yoga Do are all geared towards helping others through issues I explored within my own life. As I share the insights that held great value for me in my journey, I seek to share with others so they too can overcome what life has presented before them. One of the greatest ways to reflect on the blessings we have had graced upon us in this life, is to share the lessons we learned through our struggles, through teaching.