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Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be

Being able to provide insight to different challenges and trials I went through in my life is such a beautiful blessing.  I wrote the book as a tool to help me through the struggles I was facing.  As I receive mention of the book being a useful tool for others, I find myself celebrating a milestone of overcoming challenges that others are facing.  The troubles we face as individuals, is actually shared among all.  We are all one.  It is a vested interest of ours to share insights and guidance to those in need, so we may all rise together as one.

I want to express a deep heart-felt thank you for everyone who has showed their support in reading my work.

Thank you so much!

Page 156- the second last para on “this state of calmness has allowed me to look at people without opinion.”  RESONATES WITH ME SO MUCH. I’ve been practicing to be non-judgmental for months now.  This passage is like reading my mind.  Love it.Sonia R

Excellent book!!  Couldn’t put it down!Sharon S

…I’ve been reading your book and I’m digging it!!Will B

…when Pam sent me the link, I was drawn into it immediately!!!! Really cool.Johanna W

…but just wanted to say ur book was no doubt my #1 motivation in getting over my fear of asking him…So anyways thanks for your wisdom or else I still would’ve been in fantasy land.Sonia R

I read your prologue.  I’m really impressed, especially with the chapter named “death is the road to awe.”Keith W

The yoga classes and your book helped a lot during my flight, thanks!Devinder K

I really do LOVE it.  So many things hit so close to home.  Read almost 2 hours the first time I sat down with it.  Thanks man!…Seriously though, book is amazing.Regina H

I keep stopping myself from finishing your book because then I’ll have nothing to read.  It’s sooo good.  When’s your 2nd one coming out?Sonia R

Enjoying your book so far.  I read little bits and let them absorb.Raj

Helen read your book and loves it.Pam N

“At the end of the day, your work and your actions are a reflection of you. When everything is gone, the only thing that remains is you. So in effect, you are the only thing that real in life.  The jobs will change, the buildings will crumble, and your friends will go off and make their own families, so the only thing you have to maintains is yourself.  Do things with passion and love for yourself, not others and you will lead a fulfilling life.  When one does so, others become inspired and follow suit.”

Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey.  Solid read brothers!Travis M

…Yes I feel this book was written for me personally at times.  I am almost halfway through and have really learned a lot about myself and why I am the way I am.  TBH, at the risk of sounding “dramatic” LOL, after reflecting on a chapter I sometimes feel like crying; but in the best of ways…I know I’ve said this tons of times however I will again.  thank you Paul for following your gifts to write this book, to share your blogs, to share your soul with those out there who are ready to understand.Monica H

I spent the last hour sitting on my balcony reading and I just finished your book.  Once again GREAT JOB!  It really was a good read.  I agreed and disagreed throughout the book.  It brought out different emotions, feelings, and thoughts which is what a good book will do.  Being close to you and your work situation, I could relate throughout.  Looking forward to your next!Tracy G