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Spiritual Insights on Your Everyday Troubles

Satori Gem Boutique

The word “satori” comes from Zen Buddhism. It refers to an individual who is on the path to spiritual enlightenment and understanding one’s true spiritual nature.

Each Satori Gem Boutique design is meant to symbolize the awakening we have through all moments. Many of us will not take notice these divine moments. The jewelry provides an awareness opportunity to recognize those moments.

Welcome to your awakening!

The Use of Gemstones

Satori Gem Boutique primarily designs their jewelry with gemstones. Each jewelry piece made is meant to reflect not only fashion but also a sense of spiritual awakening for the wearer. Gemstones have long been known to hold a strong spiritual energy that carry different qualities from the various stones. These stones can provide different benefits for the wearer, from enhancing and balancing one’s energy, or warding off unwanted energy, drawing in good fortune or alleviating the physical, mental and spiritual discomfort one may be experiencing.

In selecting the piece of jewelry, one should first consider what stone resonates with them on an energetic and spiritual level. Each stone benefits an imbalance that the wearer may have. When trying to understand this truth, one must realize that everything and everyone is composed of energy. The same energy that runs through an inanimate object, is the same energy that runs through us. There is no difference or separation between the different things, on an energetic level. As we observe the quality of energy that an individual carries, we come to an understanding about that individual. We may notice that a person is very upbeat and lively, shy, depressed, angry or mean-spirited. A similar understanding can be understood about a gemstone.

The energies that the gemstones vibrate are meant to benefit us in areas we are in need. This is much like how our partners support us providing strength where we are weak. When we develop a relationship with the stone by wearing it regularly, we become attuned to it. The stones will then nourish us in areas we are deficient. For example, Tigers Eye is a stone that benefits willpower, self-confidence and even aid in breathing related issues.

When selecting a piece of Satori Jewelry Designs, the stones used may call out to the individual. This could be based on physical attraction or the individual may even be sensitive to the energy it vibrates. Ultimately, the selection of each piece made can be a calling from one’s spirit to utilize the nourishing qualities that will benefit them on an energetic and spiritual level.

Over time, the wearer’s energy will become one with the stone. In such a time, they must protect and take care of the stone as they would any part of their own body. The stone becomes an extension to one’s body on an energetic and spiritual level. As we shower and maintain our bodies every day, the stones too must be cared for. The stones do not need to be washed every day, but it is recommended to cleanse it when it has been exposed to other people through physical touch. Cleansing the stones can be done by simply laying it out to be exposed in natural moon or sunlight, or by sage-ing it.

When cleansing the stones, they do not lose the connection the wearer has with it. Much like how we wash parts of our body, they do not become detached from us. The stone will connect with the wearer’s energy soon after physical touch has been made. Cleansing the stone simply rids it of energetic residue it accumulates from exposure from other people’s energy.