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All jewelry is hand-made from Satori Gem Boutique. Malas hold great spiritual value. Many people will associate them with those people who are on the spiritual path, while others see them as simply fashionable. We can also perceive those who wear malas to be part of a social or cultural group of people. All definitions hold value, but one can finder greater significance upon diving deep into what the mala actually is. The spiritual value of malas far exceed the simple definition through religion or cultural connotations.

A mala is beyond the dogma of religion. The value this holds, will bring to life the awakening of the wearer. When one uses the mala with spiritual awareness, they start to empower themselves. We all have the innate ability to pursue all our greatest desires. This is something that many people will deny of themselves. Denying our own true limitless potential is something that was conditioned to many of us in our childhood. We are made to believe opportunities lie within only a select minority of people. This is far from the truth. The ritual use of the mala will restore the truth that lies within our spiritual capability.

The mind and the ego will restrict our belief of our own ability after being conditioned to do so by the exterior world. Whenever we have a desire to pursue a venture in our lives, we often find ourselves seconding thinking our plan of action or simply talking ourselves out of it completely. This lack of trust in ourselves is what degrades our vibration of energy. The mala, when used in conjunction with a self-empowering mantra (repeating a word or set of words) will help re-train the mind to believe and trust in oneself. When we believe in ourselves, we are raising our vibration of energy which will amplify our ability to manifest our desires.

Manifesting our desires is something we all strive for, but there is still something more valuable than drawing in these material rewards. Our desires never die, so as we manifest one, we are already seeking another. This way of life lacks peace. When we recite an empowering mantra, this cycle of repetitiveness serves a tranquilizer to the mind. On average, we have anywhere between 50 000 – 70 000 thoughts per day, which switch every 1.2 seconds. The mala and mantra will tame those thoughts to be less frequent and predominant. We are creating space in our mind for peace and reflection.

The more space in our thoughts that we create will eventually silence the chatter of our mind even further so we can find focus within ourselves. When we connect with this silence, we are tuning into our true spiritual identity. Within this identity we discover who we truly are and what our role of this lifetime is. This silence is found once we surpass the challenges of the mind and ego. Reciting the mantra with a mala is an exercise of the mind. When we gain the strength and focus through repetition, we will find what we are truly seeking in our life.

As we cycle through our repetition with the malas, we do so 108 times. There are typically 108 beads for most malas. There are many reasons for the use of this number, so an individual may be inclined to research this value further. One of the reasons that is simple to understand is the value of the number 108. The number 1 symbolizes the greatest number of consciousness. We are all one in unity, connected energetically and spiritually. This is much like how all computers can be connected together through the World Wide Web. The number 1 can also reflect that there is one God or Source. The number 0 symbolizes emptiness. The number 8 signifies infinity or eternity.

Beyond the significance of the numerical value of the amount of beads in a mala, there is also value in the bead itself. The malas can be comprised of stone, wood, seed or a combination of them. Each one has value depending on what the wearer is seeking. Some stones balance the body’s spiritual energy or are simply associated with a certain culture. For example, Asian cultures typically use jade which can symbolize longevity, abundance and prosperity. The malas using wood or a particular type of seed have their own kind of significance depending on what the wearer is trying to connect to.

There are many things to consider about the malas. A mala goes beyond fashion and religion. The use of the mala can help harness an innate power within an individual that maybe locked within their subconscious. Using the mala regularly will help bring forth the empowerment they need to overcome any challenges they face mentally. In addition, the practitioner will also be able to connect with their spiritual truth to find who and what they truly are.

Flossy Malas

All jewelry is hand-made from Satori Gem Boutique. The Flossy Malas are made of two different stones; black onyx and colored jade. Stones offer a powerful energy that affects us when we are in contact or near them. The black onyx is a stone that has many benefits. This stone has the power to raise and balance our chakras. It will also clear any negative energy as well as repel it. Black onyx is a stone that can cleanse the energy of other stones as well when they are placed together. Another beautiful quality that this stone has is that it has the ability to manifest your desires. When you are wearing this stone and you contemplate different things, they will soon come to manifestation. This stone must be worn over a longer period of time over other stones because it takes time for it to unite with your energy.

The colored jade has the benefit of harnessing abundance and prosperity for the wearer. A person wearing jade can expect good fortune coming their way. The colors reflect the colors of the 7 chakras or energy centers in the body. This when combined with the chakra raising and clearing effects of the black onyx stone, will only enhance the ability to raise our overall energy levels. When these chakras are balanced and abundant, they provide a more efficient healing power that is found within the individual and it raises their level of energy.

The stones in this Flossy Mala design are facetted which brings out a very eye-catching sparkle. This sparkle is reminiscent of jewels that shine so bright. When wearing these faceted stones, the wearer carries the thoughts of drawing in fortune. This becomes amplified into reality with the combination of the black onyx in this design.

The weight of the stones are heavier than the malas that are made of wood, so the mala will stretch a little bit. The stretching will create space in between the stones. This space represents the expansion and growth we all receive through transcending different parts of our lives. This expansion in our life is necessary towards our spiritual evolution.

As the space between the stones of the malas increases to a point, the wearer will take notice to a snapping sound that is produced upon even subtle movements. This snapping sound is meant to draw the wearer’s attention. The beauty of this is that it diverts the attention from something else far and beyond this very moment. This snapping is a blessing that draws the attention to the present moment. In addition to this, the wearer will also be re-aligned with their spiritual center. When the snapping sound is heard, it is meant to serve as a reminder of maintaining a strong understanding of one’s spiritual identity so they do not get caught up in associating themselves solely on their physical self. The snapping will attune them to their “Sadhana.” The Sanskrit word for spiritual practise.

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