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Sticks N Stones Will Break Bones…

“I’m rubber, you’re glue! Everything you say bounces off of me and comes right back to you!”

This is something that my sister and I constantly recited back to each other when we were kids. This line alone was what saved us from even the cleverest rebuttal. All responses were no match for this one-liner! Aside from being a great way to have the last word, this line itself carries some major truth. Continue reading


Silence Speaks When Words Can’t

Agghh! What is it with this noise!?  All I hear is jack-hammering all around me!  How does one expect to find peace in their meditation practice with all this commotion?!

This is a common complaint I hear as people try to implement the meditation practice into their lives.  When we seek peace, we expect silence to come with it.  As the world has become so busy and full of activity, it becomes difficult to find that silence we desire in our meditation practice. Continue reading


Sex! Foreplay! And Afterplay!!

One of the greatest moments to share with someone is spent during sex. It is such a divine act that brings such great awakenings. Our entire emotional and mental state shifts upon having sex. The person you were prior to sex, to the person you are afterwards is totally different. Many of us fail to make a successful transition and end up falling back on old behaviours.

“Are you saying sex causes an identity crisis?”

The crisis with the identity that we carry during this time is that we are failing to evolve as an individual and as a spiritual energy. The reason for this is because many of us are missing out on the most important part of making love.

The goal should not be to try to make your partner hit that “high note!” Continue reading


How to Have A Psychedelic Trip Without Drugs!

There is a great shift of consciousness that is occurring throughout the world right now. Many people may not know where it is coming from, but they are in search of something more in their lives. You hear more people talking about meditation, chakras, the law of attraction and oneness.

“I want to be One more than anyone!”

The competitive nature of the human mind has turned the spiritual journey into a race to the finish. For this reason, many people are using external methods to streamline their awakening. The use of psychedelic drugs have been used for thousands of years to open doors to our divine origin. Continue reading