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Cause You Ain’t Getting Younger or Prettier…

Have you ever stared at something so long that the lines and shapes start to disappear or change? I remember spending so much time in front of the mirror trying to make my nose a little smaller, my legs a little longer and my butt-chin a little more shallow.

“I hate when you offer someone a sincere compliment on their mustache and suddenly she’s not your friend anymore.” Continue reading

Spiritual Insight

A New Beginning For All

There’s much there’s to learn through life. As we collect more an more knowledge we take pride in what we learned and share it with others. The problem with this is that, the more we know, the less we learn.

Our cup becomes full and many of us become attached to our own pattern of thinking. We condition our understanding of life into our mind so much that it become difficult to take on a Different understanding.

Every encounter we have with new information is an opportunity to let go of our past understanding and take on a new one.

In order to continue to grow, to expand and to evolve, we must be able to abandon what we so we can move further in life.

A fresh glass of any liquid is always more attractive.

-Yoga Do