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If Only We Loved As Much As We Judged

By Paul Nijar

“Hey weirdo!  It’s butter side down, not butter side up!”  (Dr. Seuss reference)

There are billions of people of that live on this planet and everyone lives their lives their own way.  We differ with such great variety that it becomes very difficult to relate to or understand another person’s way of living.

“OMG!  I saw these people the other day and they eat using their bare hands!  No utensils!  So barbaric!” Continue reading


Not For The Faint of Heart


By Paul Nijar

We have all been spoilt through varying degrees throughout the years. Many of our needs are at arm’s reach away. Whatever it is we desire we can have. As beautiful as this sounds, it has become a problem. All this comfort has made us lazy. We have become so used to this comfort, that we will go through extremes to maintain it. Being so comfortable has made us stuck in our ways; this is a major problem. Continue reading

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An eye for an eye…

There are many times in our lives where we may encounter people that seem to be at our throats.  What the heck?! right?! Doesn’t make much sense why they would do that to us.  The emotions that they stir up within us are very undesirable.

How does one overcome the anger they feel towards an individual that brought them pain?  Continue reading

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What a day of rest means

What did you just say? Rest? Take a break?! I don’t know the meaning of those words!

I am one of those people that love to work! I will work after work and even work during my breaks.  Working is something that I look forward to doing on my days off.  I like to keep myself busy, productive and knocking things off my task list.

I typically have a plan for everything I want to get done in a day or week and I try my best to fit in time for everything.  But life sometimes gets in the way and I get pulled in other directions.  This is something that I struggle with because I become so focused and head-strong about doing some work that when I get side tracked, I tend to feel uneasy.  These feelings make me think that I wasted my day. Continue reading