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genuine souls

Genuine Souls: Who Your Daddy?! – Ricky Shetty

There are people in our lives that inspire us and come to us with such a great riches.  These riches are not defined by a monetary value.  They come to our lives not with anything of material worth, but rather with things that enrich us in a way that bring us a greater sense of well-being.  They empower us to the core.  They provide a positive perspective to our life and our surroundings.

I want to give credit to these people to showcase the blessings that we have.  So often we forget or negate the value these people bring to our lives.  Some of us even have these expectations for people to act in a certain way that benefits us but then we do not give them the credit that they deserve.  As part of my “Genuine Souls” series, I would like to introduce to an inspiring soul named Ricky Shetty. Continue reading

genuine souls

Genuine Souls Series: Road to Success- Iman Aghay

We are so very blessed in our lives that many of us fail to realize it. All the blessings that come our way almost become a norm or an expectation that we have. There are also those of us who fail to realize them all together. One of the most powerful tools to realize our blessings is simply reciting “thank you.” These simple words have the power to change our perspective on all things in our surroundings, preferred or not, to be something we openly welcome into our lives.

In an effort to bring further awareness to all that is great in my life, I wanted to give credit to those people who have enriched my life to some extent. These are the people that have given without seeking anything in return. It is these people in my life that I have decided to write dedicated blogs that profile these great individuals. These blogs are known as the “Genuine Souls” series. Continue reading

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day to Yo Momma!

It’s that time again in May where we give tribute to Yo Momma!

We been doing this year after year like clockwork. Each year Yo Momma gets some flowers to go along with her Sunday breakfast in bed. After all that she does for us year round, it is the universal way of giving credit to the one who deserves it most. It’s the one day in the year, where she’s going to get the red carpet rolled out for her.

“Yo Momma loved the breakfast in bed! But her joy was short lived as she found the red carpet lead her back to the kitchen!” Continue reading

genuine souls

What Would You Give Up $1.5 Million For?

As we live our lives in our little bubbles, we sometimes forget that there is more to this world than what we have become so used to. As we negate our greatest ambitions for nothing more than false hopes and dreams, there is always someone outside our bubble that is living that very life. A recent #BlogMastery Conference put together by Ricky Shetty (@tokyoricky) popped many bubbles that many people have barricaded themselves in. Through the various speakers, many attendees found themselves inspired and moved by the potential opportunities that lay before them.

“Find what inspires you. Then recreate it to see how it’s done.” Continue reading