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The Universe Has Better Plans For You

We all have visions for a bright future. As we think of all the different things and experiences we want in our life we develop an attachment to those images. But life has showed us over and over again, that things don’t always pan out in the manner we had planned. This is ok, because the bad has its own way of ironing itself out

“I need an industrial-sized iron to iron out the kinks I’ve had in my life!”

We often attach ourselves to the things we have become so familiar with. We take ownership of such things, thinking that it becomes a part of who we are. Typically, we are able to have some amount of control over the things that are part of us and our identity. The visions that the mind presents to us, is something that at times is beyond our control. Continue reading

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How to Grab Your Goals by the Horns

By Paul Nijar

January 15 is long behind us now, and by now you should either be patting yourself on your back or whipping it. This day alone is such a character defining day. Who would have thought that a day in our calendar would tell so much about an individual. Yes! I speak of this day as this is the day most people fall off the New Year’s resolution wagon.

“Hey! I didn’t fall off the wagon! I just got busy. I can get back on if I want, but I just don’t want to!” Continue reading


Have You Ever Felt Like You Been Here Before?


By Paul Nijar

We’ve all had those moments in our lives that seem so familiar. It’s like we stepped in and out of some time continuum. Those times bring us much confusion. We may wonder if this has happened before, we just dreamt about it, or we’re just going crazy. All the confusion makes us feel like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” where we are reliving different events of our lives. Continue reading


Hate Your Job? Help is Here!


By Paul Nijar

Many of us are getting sick and tired of having to deal with a job that means nothing to us. We often find ourselves reciting a daily mantra of “I hate my job.” Going into work to occupy our day doing something we fail to see value in is very taxing to our being. So what do we do??

“We need an action plan to get out!”  Continue reading