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mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day to Yo Momma!

It’s that time again in May where we give tribute to Yo Momma!

We been doing this year after year like clockwork. Each year Yo Momma gets some flowers to go along with her Sunday breakfast in bed. After all that she does for us year round, it is the universal way of giving credit to the one who deserves it most. It’s the one day in the year, where she’s going to get the red carpet rolled out for her.

“Yo Momma loved the breakfast in bed! But her joy was short lived as she found the red carpet lead her back to the kitchen!” Continue reading

meditation / spirituality

How to Kill the Ego

Have you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself, “Man that guy could really use a good butt kicking!”  Now think back to the emotions you felt toward that individual.

What did they mean?

“It meant I wanted to judo chop that guys face!”

Our emotions behind those thoughts come from anger and hope to witness their demise in the near future, typically.  However, despite our ill intentions, that individual benefits from the change in their outlook. Continue reading


How To Manifest Your Desires

What is it that you want from life? A new car? Your dream job maybe? A hot partner to hold hands with? We all have a desire that may range in intensity from other desires. Many of us struggle to find at least one of them coming into our hands. Why is that?! Are we not worthy of everything we desire? Continue reading