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Death is An Illusion

Death is a very hard topic for us to deal with. With the lingering emotions that plague us, it becomes difficult to move on. This is especially challenging when the person who had passed is very young. They died at such a young age, with so much more life ahead of them. We often wonder why their lives could have been taken so abruptly, when they were just starting to make moves in career or on different projects.

“It’s not fair. Their life was just starting.”

When we think of death, we think of the end. In truth, there is no end. Death only represents the end of one thing, but it’s the start of another. Everything in this world is temporary. This includes the seasons, the people, the clothes, your jobs, and material objects. All these things have a lifespan. The soul on the other hand is eternal and exists beyond time.

“When a person dies, what happens to their soul?” Continue reading


Have You Ever Felt Like You Been Here Before?


By Paul Nijar

We’ve all had those moments in our lives that seem so familiar. It’s like we stepped in and out of some time continuum. Those times bring us much confusion. We may wonder if this has happened before, we just dreamt about it, or we’re just going crazy. All the confusion makes us feel like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” where we are reliving different events of our lives. Continue reading


RIP Robin Williams


By Paul Nijar

There are a select few topics that are considered controversial in our culture, suicide is one of them. It is as if it is a taboo topic that we are taught not to talk about. The problem with not talking about it is that nothing ever gets resolved. How does an individual struggling with thoughts of great demise find solace on their own? This is like trying to find your way around a new room with a blindfold on. The truth is that many of us have issues within our own selves that we battle with day to day. The extent of these negative thoughts vary from each individual. The mind will bend and weave in such polarities at times that it becomes very challenging to focus our thoughts on the great things we have going for us in life. Continue reading