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What Comes First, Happiness or Success?

No matter what we do, we all seek to be happy in some way. Many people define happiness by the level of success they find in their lives. The manner of how we define our success is just as different as our methods toward realizing it. Happiness is the ultimate success! No matter how you define happiness, no other understanding will satisfy you more than realizing that it comes from nothing.

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.” – Dale Carnegie

The idea of happiness coming from nothing brings much confusion to the mind. Confusion is a blessing that leads to an understanding of something new. Much of our stress comes from the expectations we have toward certain events in our lives. When things don’t pan out in the manner we had planned, we become emotional. The key is to abandon those expectations and allow nature to take its course. When you embrace the nothingness, the universe has no limitations as to what it can provide you. Continue reading


These Are the Signs For Inevitable Success

When considering making a big move in your life, how do you know when it’s the right time?

We all have great ambitions for the future. Whether we are asleep or awake, ideas seem to keep on rolling in. For those of us who believe we lack the creativity to come up with grand designs for our future, it comes from a denial of our own abilities. In such a case, we find ourselves plagued with fear; thinking that the idea is not going to make it or there’s more work than we are willing to commit to. Continue reading

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Why is Patience A Virtue??

When I want something I wanted it 10 minutes ago!

Why do I have to wait for everything that I want?! What’s the deal with waiting for everything? We’ve heard many times over and over again, how patience is a virtue, but how does one cope when they want something right here right now!?

Why is patience a virtue?! Why can’t “Hurry the F&#K Up!” be a virtue?! Continue reading

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How to Become the Person of Your Dreams

We all have a great potential to be and do whatever we want in life. Endless opportunity awaits you.

I tried to realise my infinite potential for many years.  We often hear how we can do and be anything we want. As I looked around at other people living their lives with great conviction, I felt that I was missing something. I couldn’t figure out what my problem was. I always felt blocked or challenged.

“How do I find my infinite potential?!” Continue reading


The Key to Business Success

“The Key to Business Success Through Introspection”

This was part of a recent topic I discussed at 23seven Performance Studio.

In the presentation, I explained what introspection is and why it plays a pivotal role entrepreneurial success.  The key points I covered are as follows:

1. Introspection defines your “Why” 

  • Without your way, you have no way of differentiating yourself from your competitors.  There are already many similar businesses out there, but what makes one more appealing than the next, is their reason for being.  I know I would much rather do business with someone who has a deeper meaning beyond simply making money.
  • This is the #1 step in starting your business. This step comes before the business plan, before fundraising, and before market research.
  • This is the key component to finding fulfillment in the business you are operating.  Money rarely satisfies an individual over the long run.

2.  Introspection keeps you focused.

  • We all have many talents that we carry throughout our lives.  The problem with many of us is that we are eager to share all we can do, all at once.  This dilutes our talents.  “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”
  • It helps you become specialized.  When you are so focused on the one service, you sets you up as an expert in that field.  Now you become the go-to person, when people are looking for a specific service.

3.  Introspection reduces chances of stress.

  • We become so eager to take on many jobs so we can get money.  In doing this, our plates becomes too full.  The average business professional has 30-100 new projects on their plate.  How cannot one not be stressed at this point?
  • On average 40% of business professionals lay awake at night due to their level of stress.
  • When you understand what your core values are in your business, you can better manage the projects that fit your mission, as opposed to trying to take it all on.  The projects that you signed up for and are putting off, typically are the ones that do not resonate with your core values.

Defining Your Core Values:

  1. Make a list of what you value most. (family, health, freedom, money…)
  2. Meditate.  Inward reflection is huge in defining what you are most compelled by.
  3. Deep breathing.  This helps bring clarity from the erratic thoughts that pollute our mind every moment of the day.
  4. “Me Breaks.”  Taking mini breaks behind your desk and rewarding yourself for completed tasks will better align you with the things that make you happy.  If you are always on the go, chances are, your level of stress will be high. This will distract you from your core values.  As result, you may find  yourself a slave to your business and the relentless demands from your customers.

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