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How to Manifest What You Want

We all seek to have something more in our lives. As we look, pray and wish for such things to manifest in our lives we become eager to find ways to fast track the delivery of our requests. For those of us that are religious we will look toward our different Gods to fulfill our request. Many of us have even been known to lean on Santa Clause, or even to visit Sacred Sites to amplify our call for action.

“Who needs the tooth fairy, when you got Aladdin’s lamp!?” Continue reading


How To Manifest Your Desires

What is it that you want from life? A new car? Your dream job maybe? A hot partner to hold hands with? We all have a desire that may range in intensity from other desires. Many of us struggle to find at least one of them coming into our hands. Why is that?! Are we not worthy of everything we desire? Continue reading

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How to Tap Into the Good Vibrations Mon!


By Paul Nijar

Who are you? A question that many of us don’t even think about, rather we are more focused on what we look like over answering that question. Discovering our identity is more of a journey through an accumulation of different moments of our lives rather than a simple trip to the bathroom mirror.   No matter how long we stare in the mirror, it is difficult to discover what we are because what we see is an illusion. Continue reading