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mother's day / Spiritual Insight

Happy Mother’s Day! Spiritual Insight Edition

Mother’s Day is something that has been a long tradition amongst different people worldwide. For many years people have given tribute to their mothers through different methods. Most commonly, people have offered flowers or a Sunday breakfast served to her while she still lays in bed. These are such beautiful reflections for someone who has lived their lives through unconditional love and relentless devotions to their children. But as the day comes and goes, many of us once again become so wrapped up in our mundane obligations, only to reserve such acts of admirations again for the following year or their birthday. The attention and connection tends to become diluted among other things we give priority towards. After such a great devotion and sacrifice our mothers haves showered us with, one must contemplate that perhaps this single day of tribute doesn’t give them the credit or attention they deserve. Continue reading

Yoga Do

Preview to Basic Yoga Do Class

Here’s a quick look at one of my students practising the Basic Level Yoga Do class in one of my one-on-one sessions.  This was taken from one of my one on one sessions that I was doing during the summer.  The student is in her 60’s and has a lot of physical limitations.  Despite her physical challenges she was able to participate in the full class.

She found a greater sense of peace beyond her ailments when practicing Yoga Do.  She would often tell me how her pace of thoughts have also slowed down upon completing each class which would send a ripple effect throughout the course of her day.


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Spiritual Insight

Try Try Try & Try Again?!

We all try to do and be many things in life. As we try and try harder we may find struggle. The struggle sometimes detours us from continued efforts. The exhaustion that ensues from such efforts can be very emotionally taxing.

The most efficient means for doing anything is executed with the least amount of efforts. Rather than trying so hard, just BE. Trust in nature and allow it to take its course. Trust in your innate ability to get the job done as you are already equipped to do so.

-Yoga Do



Living Life Through Morality Shortens Your Mortality


By Paul Nijar

You – “But I want to do what I want to do!”

Family – “No! What will the neighbors think?!”

You see that?! See what happened just there? That was an example of everything you want to do, but you can’t because someone’s telling you “no.” We have many desires and dreams in our lives, but a lot of them go unmet and it’s not because we don’t think we can do it. It’s because we are so concerned of what others will say. Continue reading