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What Would You Give Up $1.5 Million For?

As we live our lives in our little bubbles, we sometimes forget that there is more to this world than what we have become so used to. As we negate our greatest ambitions for nothing more than false hopes and dreams, there is always someone outside our bubble that is living that very life. A recent #BlogMastery Conference put together by Ricky Shetty (@tokyoricky) popped many bubbles that many people have barricaded themselves in. Through the various speakers, many attendees found themselves inspired and moved by the potential opportunities that lay before them.

“Find what inspires you. Then recreate it to see how it’s done.”

In this day in age we often find ourselves chasing the dollar. So many of us are so anchored into these jobs that do not fulfill us beyond the number of digits that embarrassingly stare back at us on our pay cheques. It has become a social and professional norm for many of us to enslave ourselves to these jobs that rob us of our personal freedom.

“I can’t leave my job! I’ve got dental and a huge pension taken cared of!”

This is a true cry that many of us are celebrating as we wipe the tears from our faces. We have become anchored into a place in our lives where we don’t want to be. But how can we make any change? There’s way too much risk! We often negate the risk factors we are leading ourselves to by maintaining an unhealthy state of mind. There is no wealth beyond mental health!

“The grass is always greener on the other side…because it’s fertilized with bulls$*t!”

As we gaze out through our office windows, we often admire the people going about their day. In doing this, we find ourselves envisioning their lives to be something that would fulfill our ideal life. We often imagine them being happier than us. The truth I have found among many different people in varying careers is that, no matter how big your pay cheques are, there is someone else making more than you and hates their position just as much.

“Well it’s not like we can just give all this up and jump on a plane!”


Roberto smiling with a sense of freedom

Contraire mon frére! This is exactly what Roberto Gibbons Gomez did. I met Roberto at the #BlogMastery Conference where he took the stage for the first time. This guy had everything most of us work our entire lives to achieve, and then just left it all behind. As a successful business man in Montreal, Canada, he found himself making $1.5 million in sales. As he lived a life that many people around him would see as being highly successful and engaging, he himself saw something different. He wanted to free himself from the shackles of his necktie and the ball and chains of a briefcase.

“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

So what did freedom mean for Roberto? It meant living a life full of adventure and doing things that only the few would even consider. In his quest of the ultimate thrilling life, he left everything behind and decided to travel the world. He didn’t actually leave empty-handed, he took his wife Bella along for the ride. Together they have travel to various countries.  Roberto has been to 7 contents and 35 countries himself.  Together they take pictures from the highest of peaks and the lowest depths of the ocean!

“Well they can afford to do that cuz they broke bank!”

roberto couple

Roberto with wife Bella.

Their income doesn’t sustain their lifestyle of adventure. In fact, they had to take a massive pay cut in order to accommodate their thirst for travel. Roberto’s ingenious ability to make things work has allowed them to make a living through their travels. Rather than buying clothes at expensive stores, they now found companies sending them clothing and various sporting equipment to try out in their adventures.

“You can’t increase your bank statement with sporting goods and passport stamps!”

This is an argument Roberto’s own father makes with him. Roberto asserts that he wouldn’t have it any other way. In order for them to receive what they do, they would have to make about $500k per year.  When speaking with his father, Roberto insists that he would’ve spent that money on travel anyways. For this couple, being free to have a front row seat to the majestic beauty of the world holds value beyond all the riches.


roberto photo

An office view.

“To be free from suffering, free yourself from attachments.” – Buddha

We all hold attachments to some degree. Many of us find it difficult to let go of money and our cell phones. Roberto, on the other hand, let both of them go. He shyly admits to not having a cell phone for 4 years! This in itself, is an adventure of its own! For many of us, being without a cell phone is as shameful as being without clothes.

“So what do they do all day?!”

roberto tent

Home is where the heart is.

Live! They document their travels with the various cameras they take with them. Together, they have taken some of the most fantastic pictures from the most remote places in the world. In the meanwhile, they have been able to test out the top sporting gear as they expedition around the world. They have gained such a great fan base from their travels, boasting 5000 to 6000 new “likes” to their Facebook page each month.

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!

For these adventure capitalists, this is more than lyrics to a song. They literally have been surrounded by bears and packs of wolves out in the wilderness. The only thing that separated them from being prey was their tent!


So, what’s holding you back from living your life of adventure?

Check out this video of some action The Expeditioners face in their travels!

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