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Kali Do Yoga™

This class is a fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditation and stick fighting. Kali Do Yoga™ is meant to provide a soft flow of movements that bring a sense of ease to the mind and body. It is a therapeutic class focusing on relieving pain in the back side of body, increase mobility in the shoulder and hips and to strengthen the forearm and wrist dexterity.

Yoga Do™, Kali Do Yoga™ & Warrior Do™ students can expect a gentle warm up in the beginning which prepares them for the high intensity plyometric portion which is martial arts oriented followed by a stretch and then concluding with deep relaxation. Students can expect to have a nice sweat, bringing their heart rates up and also challenging their physical ability.

Think about the nature of water; water can be soft and flowing but it can also can be aggressive. Yoga Do™ has this same Yin & Yang balance of hard and soft. The class follows the motion of a wave; starting slow and then rises up to create a wave that finally comes down to its final decent where it levels off.

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