Paul Nijar

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While participating in Paul’s hybrid martial arts yoga class I felt a variety of emotions. First Paul helped to calm us down and put our minds in peaceful state with the beginning yoga postures. His instruction was so detailed that most times I didn’t feel the need to look up at him for direction. Once he had my mind at peace that’s when he took the class to a whole new level.

The intense martial arts inspired portion of the class had me feeling exhausted and at sometimes angry. But Paul kept you motivated to finish the entire portion. And finally after putting the class through a world of intense cardio training he winds down the class with another set of yoga postures. At the end of the class I felt that I had accomplished something big. Although it may have only been an hour long class I felt achieved something more.

Overall it was a great class with a great instructor.Aaron G (Advanced Yoga Do class review)

I love Yoga Do. Yoga Do is the ultimate high intensity work out. If you are a Yoga enthusiast and need some high intensity cardio and boot camp style, workouts you need to try this. I thought I was in decent shape until I did Paul Nijar’s Yoga Do class. He pushed me hard, and incorporated yoga moves in the workout to give a full body high intensity core workout. I recommend this class to anyone that loves yoga , or anybody that wants to try something new.

Paul is a great teacher and unlike a lot of the high intensity group work outs out there, Paul will take the time to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. He has a great energy and is very friendly and professional.Sanjeev G (Advanced Yoga Do class review)

I like Yoga Do because its a different type of cardiovascular workout rather than running or using a treadmill. Yoga Do makes me feel faster and more functional in my everyday life. I enjoy doing yoga-do and I highly recommend anyone who wants a challenge through the physical bodyweight circuit and the mental toughness through the yoga half.Ryan G (Advanced Yoga Do class review)

I thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s yoga session. He does an excellent job of making sure the class is on the same pace but also trying to help every individual with any difficulties. His exercises blend mind body and spirit beautifully and after having finished I felt great and my breath was richer.Navi T

Yoga Do is a love hate relationship. You experience a wave of emotions in the class. After class in reflection I feel such a feeling of satisfaction for being able to get through the class. Definitely a blend of mind body spirit. Love it!Jeff S (Advanced Yoga Do class review)