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Yoga Do™

The inception of Yoga Do™ has been a long time coming. It is a class that took my entire life to bring into formation. It is the accumulation of every aspect within my training, my upbringing and my sense of spirituality. Harmonizing my 17 years of martial arts experience with my yoga training into a class that will make you sweat til you bleed. I describe the class using the famous line from Bruce Lee used in the 1973 movie “Enter the Dragon,” “My style? I guess you can call it the art of fighting without fighting.”

Yoga and meditation is something I have been surrounded with growing up. Both of my parents practiced yoga and daily meditation. This is something that has influenced my understanding of health. Health to me isn’t limited to how my body looks, how fast I can run or how often I get sick; rather it is more of an understanding of balancing the mind, body and soul. Good health is achieved upon balancing all three.

Every day we are bombarded with different calls from our duties in our daily lives that cause us stress. Many people have become medicated as per their anxieties, depressions and sleeping disorders that have all originated with the improper balance of their lives. All these ailments are a direct cause from the improper alignment of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a very powerful tool in bringing back that balance. A strong mind is one that can tune out all distractions surrounding them and find their central place of peace within themselves. This is exactly the focus I have in my yoga/meditation classes.

In addition to the yoga and meditation I have been grown up with, martial arts has also been very influential in my upbringing. The practice of martial arts is a long held family tradition. For me specifically, this training has never been about fighting. I have always focused on the beauty of the movements over the violence. Even when I was very young, I understood that there was going to be a time in my life that I was going to have to slow down and focus more on an activity that causes less impact to the body; yoga and tai chi were my options.

I came to choose yoga as I was more familiar with its poses. I have since coupled my training of martial arts, personal training and yoga/meditation into one class. This fusion maintains the same focus I have carried throughout all my years of training; which is to benefit the body in terms of fitness, to be able to drown out the noise of my surroundings and to find beauty within the movements I practice. The class that I teach has become an all-in-one training session that reflects the training I have grown up with.

Throughout my years of training in yoga and martial arts, there have been some overlapping qualities that allowed for a blissful union of the two. Meditation is something that was practiced in both activities. At the end of each martial arts class and yoga session, there has always been time to reflect on our selves. In addition to the meditation, giving proper attention to detail as to how the body is positioned during each sequence of movements is something that has been taught in both yoga and martial arts. In yoga, proper body alignment is important as to enhance flexibility of the body and mind. In martial arts, a poorly executed technique can make you vulnerable to your opponent.

Yoga Do

In martial arts and yoga, flexibility has played an important consideration in my training regimen. With the importance I feel there exists in flexibility and stretching, I want to make sure everyone can understand these same benefits. Most often I see people at the gym increasing weight with their lifts, while decreasing their range of motion through their flexibility. They gain strength but lose function. Most people find it boring to stand around after their workouts and stretch. Yoga is a great way to stretch out those areas that need work, in a group setting. The practitioners of yoga will find increased benefits from stretching in yoga as it will help them recover faster and also to help increase their lifting potential.

Yoga Do™ brings together that perfect melody of mind, body and soul into a 1 hour class. As the class was conceived throughout the journey of my entire life, the class takes the practitioner through a journey of their own for them to discover a little more about themselves. Throughout our lives we encounter many obstacles that we must overcome. Yoga Do™ helps to reflect those challenging moments so when we complete the class we will have a sense of fulfillment that we can reflect towards our daily lives as well.

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